The two types of Packaging Design

Universal Design

The design is universal and can be subsequently adapted to different packaging sizes if required. An example is the placing of a logo with possible claim on the Front and Back and print in the gussets als long as they do not go beyond gussets edges.

To create these designs we need:

  • Size of final artwork required.
  • Number of colors*

Case Specific Design

From Edge to Edge and beyond. In printing we call the edges "bleed area". With bags this expression is extended to anything that goes beyond edges like gussets, bottom gussets and turnover tops. For these kind of designs we need to know the exact dimension of the bag or the box.

To create these designs we need:

  • Exact size of bag (i.g.32 + 12 x 41 cm)
  • Dieline (template for placing artwork)
  • Number of colors*

*Number of colors: Your packaging supplier will indicate how many colors the offer applies to. This information is important to us because it influences the design. For example, if we are to design with only 1 color, this has a significant impact on the design itself.

True Value of Package Design

Packaging is part of your Marketing Mix.

Packaging is the least expensive tool you have at hand. It's the commercial that lasts the longest and has the most impact on your customer.

You do Advertisement – activities like Newspaper, Magazines, Social Media. You do Promotions – Media presents, Sponsorship, Endorsement, Events and you do Packaging – Bags, boxes, wrapping material.  

Transition from Package to Packaging

The moment you move away from the package (container) to packaging you extend your business to the entire retail experience.

A package is just container but Packaging is a container that is communicating with the customer.

It's a Team journey

A good design is a successful journey of client and creatives together.

Relationship is a very valuable word in our industry and for a reason. The destination is just as important as the creative journey itself. Dysfunctional cooperation create nothing but costs and headache while the outcome will always be mediocre.