€ 190,00

exkl. VAT

Universal Design

A simple but effective classic design: placement of your logo - with additional information in the gussets, bottom gusset and/or turnover top.


€ 390,00

exkl. VAT

Hybrid Design

Placement of your logo - with easily customizable elements such as areas, backgrounds, patterns etc. with additional information in gussets, bottom gussets and/or turnover top. Design is also applicable to more than one bag size - also for possible projects in the future.


€ 490,00

exkl. VAT

Case Sensitive Design

Design and bag size form a unit. Design is specifically designed for a specific bag size. An adaptation to a new format is only possible with effort and with possible compromises in design and advertising effectiveness.

Optional costs

Optional costs arise mainly because customers specifically want them. These are additional expenses that add value to the entire work as "enhancements". For the creation of the necessary services, special illustrators and logo designers or stock photo services are required.

What are optional costs

  • Stock Photos (i.e. photos purchased from photo services like Adobe stock, Shutterstock etc...).

  • Custom made Illustrations (Comics, figures etc...).

  • LOGO Creation.

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